Wednesday, 4 April 2012

on top of the world

Images by Reio Avaste

Yet another inspiring outdoor public structure, this time by architect Tetsuo Kondo for last year's European Capital of Culture's festivites in Tallin.  The architect was invited to create this temporary installation, called A Path in the Forest.  Situated in the city's main park and made from steel pipe and sheet steel, this is what Kondo had to say about it.

Nature and structure treated as equals in an all-inclusive approach: we think of them not as in confrontation, not as part of each other. We are not building a structure in this environment but trying to renew it, to create an even more beautiful environment.

Shame that it was only there for a few months, I would have liked to have put Estonia on my 'short break' list for this year!  It reminds me a little of the aerial walkways in the glasshouses at Kew, there's something quite special about being so far off the ground and wandering around in the treetops.  A whole new spin on nature. 

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