Monday, 19 March 2012


Images courtesy of  Johannes Foerster

I've been thinking about Loom-Hyperbolic ever since I tweeted about it so time to expand on the blog with more images.  Installed in the ruins of the Mosque Koutoubia for the Higher Atlas exhibition 2012 you can see it in central Marrakesh until June 3rd.  Referencing traditional Moroccan weaving and looms and using local materials like hand-cut pine poles and yarn it was constructed using modern software programs, bringing old and new together in a stunning setting.  As with any public art installation you can walk through and among the 'tents' or view it from above so I imagine the connection to the site feels strong.  Having been to Marrakech it instantly reminds me of the dyers souk but it also seems other-worldly and remote.  Really good work and well done to Barkow Leibinger Architects.

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