Monday, 16 January 2012

One man's trash...

Have you ever been walking or driving around Edinburgh, seen a skip kerbside, glanced in (just in case there might be some unrecognised industrial treasure inside) and had a double-take moment when you realised that the contents are ordered, neat, even considered?  In fact, on closer inspection, sculptural.  If the answer is yes, then welcome to the world of Kevin Harman, slightly controversial artist (he smashed the window of the Collective Gallery with a scaffolding pole for a project) and skip-lover with a fine sense of humour.

These temporary sculptures have popped up all over town in the last two years and if you have been lucky enough to see one you will understand why I wanted to post about it.  Cool, funny and bold, he "roots out hidden beauty" in everyday detritus and gives it dynamism.  Have a look at the man in action in Stockbridge.

Skip 12,2011

Skip 11, 2011

Workmen leave Friday evening. I go to the skip, empty ALL the contents. Sketches are made of possible forms. Invite passers by to see finished work on Sunday 5pm. Put EVERYTHING back into the skip. I'm a composer conducting an orchestra of colours, tones and textures. The skip is my global gallery. I have a random audience. Every time I do it it exists differently. Workers faces on Monday?..Special!

Kevin Harman

And, yes, I do secretly hope that one day I'll be one of those workmen that find their skip 'Harman-ed' on Monday morning!

Images courtesy of the artist

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